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🤷🏻‍♀️What does a sextant have to do with health and what does it mean?

I’ve long admired brave pioneers throughout history, especially those who utilized incredible skills with ingenious tools to travel and navigate towards a desired direction or destination. 

The critical development of the sextant was created independently and almost simultaneously by John Hadley in England and by Thomas Godfrey, a Philadelphia glazier, around 1731. The fundamental idea is the use of two mirrors to make a doubly reflecting instrument—the forerunner of the modern sextant. A sextant is an instrument containing a graduated 60° arc and a movable pivoted arm corresponding to the radius of the arc's circle, used in celestial navigation to measure the altitude of a celestial body in order to determine the observer's latitude and longitude. A horizontally mounted telescope and two small mirrors are arranged so that the observer can, by moving the pivoted arm, sight the horizon and the reflected image of the celestial body in the same line, giving a reading along the arc that is used to look up the observer's position in a published table. The word sextant originated in the late 16th century (denoting the sixth part of a circle): from Latin sextans, sextant- ‘sixth part’, from sextus ‘sixth. Many navigating instruments were developed and modified prior to discovering that a more precise reading could be done with the creation of the sextant such as a kamal, astronomers astrolabe, mariner’s brass quadrant, mariner's astrolabes, a cross-staff, Davis quadrant, and the early Hadley octant.

Now that a sextant has been explained, hopefully understanding the “health” part of the term will be a cinch!

Life is only as good as you feel; to be healthy is to be well. Just like travelling, being healthy requires directions, tools, & motivation. Self improvement & mind/body awareness may increase your quality and longevity of life. Individualize a rewarding diet and lifestyle for yourself using tools and references such as the all new Health Sextant and services provided by KATMOVEMENTS©. Health starts with ”heal”  so begin by healing your mind with positive thoughts and attainable goals. I also find many parallel figurative and literal connotations between the words health and sextant.  For example, mirrors are an imperative part to the sextant, just as self improvement needs reflection for an accurate evaluation. Let this resource help navigate you towards exceptional living!             

       ——> MOVEMENT = LIFE  <——

Navigate and improve at your own pace, don’t get caught up in the human race and comparing journeys

Not everything is for everyone and there are all degrees of everything. There is also a time and place for most everything with indefinite exceptions and constantly changing variables throughout eternity. Always consult a doctor or a certified healthcare practitioner for serious health risks, illnesses, and concerns. 

This website is dedicated to delivering uplifting, inspiring, and entertaining content . I am not a physician, just a vibrant conduit for movement inspiration, healthy living ideas, & self-approved recommendations. 

To exceptional health, love, & life,

~Katrina Callihan~

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