Sonatasia Bach on Violin with Improv

Modern Dance Improv Live In Laguna Art Gallery.

Angel Mine

Original music, choreography, and still frame photography.


Here Kitty, Kitty.

Far East Movement Video

Alpine speakers mash up

Ready, Set, Improvise!

Ready, set, improvise!  

 I recieved a call for a last minute request to perform on my lyra with all new ladies in Laguna Beach as one of the original soloists broke her ankle last night. No preperation or rehearsal and my first time to hear this song, but it was good to entertain again after a bit of a break. 

Sonatasia Bach on Acoustic Guitar with Lyra Improv

Live Performance Art

Sonatasia Opera & Dance

Performance Art

My Emily

Short Independent film by Jon Hess. Your‘s truly graces the screen at about the two minute marker.